AUGUST WALK….Little Switzerland

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A good day!… 10 happy walkers left Whitley and set off  for “Little Switzerland”, a beautiful area of Cheshire near the picturesque village of Willington, Kelsall. We parked at the Boot Inn where we were made welcome and headed up a steep path and into the hills. It was not long before we were high up, overlooking the Cheshire Plain. The varied walk took us through forests, up and down hills and fields, secret paths, and along parts of the Sandstone trail.
If we had stayed longer, we could have ended up as extras in the ITV series of “Paranoid” which was being filmed at Windsor’s Fruit Farm, Willington.
Lunch at the “Boot” was cheerfully enjoyed, the service was great, and we must have behaved as extra chocolates from the management were brought and enjoyed. Thanks from all to Ann O’Brien… our dedicated walks leader. The only question was “where are we going next?”

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