September Walk – Frodsham Hill


Six intrepid explorers from WI set off in two cars to Frodsham for our September walk around the Sandstone trail in Frodsham. Ann O’Brien had taken her usual care to ensure that our walk was not too strenuous, so we started at the top, rather than the bottom of Frodsham Hill. This meant that we that we had the magnificent views over the Mersey Estuary without the climb. It was a beautiful, very warm day and, depending on which way you looked, you could choose whether or not you wanted the vista to include the new wind turbines that are being installed all along the marshes. A great feature of the walking group is the wide ranging conversations en route, so you almost forget how far you are walking – do we prefer wind turbines, pylons, solar panels or power stations, etc.?

It would seem that wherever you travel in Cheshire you will meet up with a friend/relation of somebody in WI and today was no exception. Rita’s cousin was busy picking baskets full of wonderful blackberries; we all now know where to go to find lots of fruit with minimum effort. The crop is particularly good this year due to lots of summer rain which has also encouraged lots of nettles, brambles and other greenery. Must remember the secateurs next time!

We finished the day with a delicious light lunch at the nearby Ring o Bells on Bellemonte Road, Frodsham which we would highly recommend. Thanks again to Ann for organising the walk, much enjoyed by everybody.

By Jean Waite


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