Have you got the knitting bug yet?


I have a confession to make, I’ve got the ‘knitting bug’. I’ve never really been a knitter but I thought I’d better make an effort and have a go at making a Twiddle Muff. I made a ‘girly’ one first, you know pastels and flowers etc., but then I thought about making one for the men. I got a bit carried away with my Warrington Wolves effort, with zips and beads, pom poms and rugby balls and decided to make a mascot as well, I’ve called him WOOLLY (obviously). They were so easy to do; I’m going to make a ‘girly’ teddy next.

If you’ve not made a muff or teddy yet, why not have a go? However; a word of caution – you may catch ‘The Knitting Bug’ but you will certainly brighten the life of a dementia sufferer.

Patterns for the twiddle muffs are on the internet, google twiddle muffs, or contact Lorna Bettles or Pat Gaskell or pick one up at next WI meeting along with a Teddy pattern.

(or you can download two knitting patterns for twiddlemuff or a knitted teddy from the Whitley WI website project page – Jenny)


We will be discussing where to supply our Twiddle Muffs to at Lorna’s house on Thursday 20th October

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