Tea-Gowns and Tea-Times


Lucy in her favourite Tea-Dress

If you go somewhere expecting a good evening, and the evening proves to be better than expected, you can say you really have had, a great evening.


Lucy arriving 1930’s style

Thanks to the generous hospitality of Dutton WI, 100+ members of Village Group WI, enjoyed an evening with Lucy Adlington, talking about Tea-Time and Tea-Gowns, this was definitely proved to be a really great evening.

Lucy had described her talk as “A terribly temping talk set in the thirties – a decade of streamlining, speed and style”……

This quote themed the evening.  Lucy by background is an English graduate from Cambridge University, with a master’s degree in Medieval History. She had travelled all the way from Yorkshire just to be with us!

As well as the talk, members enjoyed beautifully presented tasty treats, lovingly made by various members, and served by Moore and Daresbury WI who had to work beyond the call of duty in the kitchen.

Lucy herself appeared to enjoy the evening, especially when she went home with a ‘doggy bag’ of our wonderful cakes. She didnt think they would get as far as Yorkshire… suggesting they  might get consumed on the M62 before  she crossed the border.



THANK YOU to all the WI’s in Village group who made this evening special….. Pat Sharp

(Runcorn, Moore and Daresbury, Halton, Antrobus, Dutton and Whitley)

For more information Check out Lucy’s Website: www.historywardrobe.com


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