Annual Meeting Nov 2016


Back Row: Dorothy Thompson, Irene Peers, Joan Blackshaw, Susan Burtonwood, Ann Tolson, Lorna Bettles, Ann O’Brien. Front Row: Pat Sharp, Anne O’Neil, Jean Waite, Chris Jones, Ann Brock, Anne Kennedy and Sally Riley

Congratulations to Joan Blackshaw, our President at Whitley WI for 2017.
The photo shows Joan and her 2017 committee, with new members: Anne O’Neil, Jean Waite and Anne Kennedy
Thanks were given to Jenny Roberts, and Jonty Jones, for their dedicated service to our WI. They are leaving the committee and they will be missed.
At the end of this year Whitley had 77 full members and 7 dual.We are in a very healthy state, both with finance, and what only be described as happy ambience between all members.                                                                                   

Our speaker Raymond Rush, made us laugh. He had a jokey manner and explained to us the origins of  many superstitions.  So no witches at Whitley WI, we have scared them off… A suitable topic for the week between Halloween and Bonfire Night.


Joan, Raymond and her fertility symbol corn dolly

Before leaving, Ray had stocked himself up with homemade goodies from the trading table, explaining that this is one of the reasons he enjoys speaking at Women’s Institutes.

The meeting ended with Joan giving him a gratious vote of thanks, he responded by giving Joan one of his corn dollies,… a Fertility Symbol, which we hope will bring Joan good health and happiness as our President for 2017.

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