There was a song… “7 little girls, sitting in the backseat…” you will remember it well!

lowrey-2Today, it was a visit by 7 Whitley Members to the Lowry Theatre in Salford to watch the Musical, THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS.

Chris was the “driver” in this picture. with Eileen, Pat, Dorothy, Lorna, AnnT and Sally looking on.
We weren’t sure what to expect from the production, but we delighted at the antics of  Mr Toad, Mr Mole and Ratty, as well as all their river bank friends of the field mice, otters, rabbits, the badger, and the wicked weasles.

A fun story beautifully portrayed in acting, song, and dance by a cast of approximately 30.

Thank you to Chris and Sally for running Culture Club, as well as to our drivers Ann B and Chris.

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