November Walk… A Frosty Start!


Lesley C, Mary H, Jean L, Chris J, Joyce D, Ann O’B, Ann T, Rita C and a beautiful autumn leaf background

After parking in Stones Manor Lane, Hartford, eight eager well-wrapped-up walkers started a 5 mile walk. It was a cold frosty morning and even with gloves fingers tingled.
Heading to ‘Marshall’s Arm’ they entered a narrow wooded valley, which is part of the ‘Marshalls Arm’ local nature reserve. All were astounded at the beauty of the wood. The path curved round, up and down steps, which had to be negotiated carefully, due to the blanket of potentially slippery colourful leaves on the ground. Various breeds of dog were met, and one would have run off with Ann’s  glove had she not  retrieved it quickly. (The glove had been put down to take this photo!). The walkers then headed towards Hunts Lock, where they turned right onto the Riversdale swing bridge. Wild life was abundant, with sightings of swans, ducks and one lonely heron, waiting for his chance to pounce on a unsuspecting fish.

The countryside was so peaceful and very lovely, a treat to be outside.  On reaching the “Bluebridge” it was decided to carry on as the weather was on the walker’s side with no rain around. They walked on to reach a railway viaduct and then Vale Royal Locks. After crossing the Locks the happy walkers started their way back along the leafy lane  to the A556 and then up to School Lane, finally returning to their starting point.

There was an extremely warm welcome at the Relish Cafe where they enjoyed some lovely food.  This cafe is well worth another visit.

Thank You to Ann O’B for checking out this walk …much appreciated by all.

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