A Misty, Moisty, Morning….December Walk 2016


Misty horizons over Budworth Mere


A photo stop by the canal

A cold and chilly. damp and misty December morning didn’t deter Whitley WI’s dedicated walkers.


We totalled 15 + a dog( Bonnie). The most people of all our walks this year.

In December there is always too much to do, with the shopping, the presents, the cards … but getting out and about was definitely top of today’s list. Marbury Park was our venue. We headed down to Budworth Mere, and disappointed the many ducks who thought we had come to feed them. Through the woods, to the canal, only stopping for an occasional photo opportunity.
Ann O’Brien our leader, then handed over to Anne O’Neil and her dog, Bonnie. They had the local knowledge which was used to guide us through parts of this lovely park we had never visited… Great!

Lunch is always on the menu of our walks… The Spinner and Bergamot in Comberbach did us proud (see Photo on the left)


So that’s it for 2016… 12 different walks with so many thanks to Ann O’Brien for her tireless dedication.

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