January 2017 Walk

Heavy goods trains laden with salt once lumbered from Winsford to Cuddington to join the Chester/Manchester train line. THE WHITEGATE WAY is now a haven for wildlife and a very pleasant place to stroll at any time of the year.

Whitley WI sent out to walk along a section of this disused railway line for their January Walk. Walking in winter is very popular as we wrap up in winter woolies, get some much needed fresh air to combat the feeling of “cabin fever” which can make people feel gloomy in these short dark days. Chatter, about the sharing of Christmas activities and looking forward to 2017, made the friendship of this group special.

11 members enjoyed the outing, as well as the beautiful lunch served at the Plough Inn Whitegate. Thanks to our leader Ann, for checking out this route during the Christmas holidays, and also hiding behind the camera to take our photos.

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