THE MARCH MEETING.. Wellness, Wellbeing, and Anecdotes of Old Warrington

               PART 1.. WELLNESS and WELLBEING

Massage involves working and acting on the body with pressure. It is used to promote relaxation and well-being. Whitley members enjoyed a talk given by therapist Hazel Burgess, entitled Wellness and Wellbeing.

Massage is not new. Its roots go back to at least 2700BC where it is found in traditional Chinese Medical references at the time of the Yellow Emperor. Egyptian tomb paintings show men having work done on their hands and feet, and was used by Greek Athletes to improve their performances. Gifts of Myrrh in the bible suggest the use of essential oils to enhance the feeling of wellbeing
Hazel led us through various aspects of massage, which help blood to circulate, make people (and animals) more relaxed, and in turn strengthen their immune system.

A  picture showing facial muscles, helped to explain the technique of facial massage. Members had great fun doing their own facial massage.. funny faces and laughs all round. 



                                              PART 2.. ANECDOTES of OLD WARRINGTON.

Local History is a hobby of our very busy President Joan who has spent many happy hours researching, visiting, collating photos and  sketching various aspects of the History of Warrington. In her first presentation to a WI, she used Whitley as her very willing Guinea Pig. Joan expertly mastered the technology of the Village Hall and entertained us with interesting stories of our local town. Members were able to recall memories of their youth, but were also able to relate the history to the present day.

All are familiar with local names and places such as Latchford, which was the only crossing point of the Mersey, before a bridge was built. Ryland St, named after Peter Rylands who owned a wire working factory. He became Mayor of Warrington and became an MP. John Wilson Patten a Conservative MP became Baron Winmarleigh, where as the Crosfield family developed a sugar refining process as well as becoming famous for their soap manufacture. These aspects, people and many more, brought long lasting, wealth and prosperity to our town.

Joan brought Warrington alive and recieved a more than well-deserved applause for a great finish to our evening. Next time members go there, they will think of Warrington in a different light

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