A little child is choking, panic shouldn’t set in, but what should you do? Emergency First Aid for grandparents was the subject of Whitley WI’s May meeting.
Who better to give expert advice than a Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Doctor Darren.
Accidents and emergencies do happen and First Aid means that the first person to find the casualty should be the first to give aid. Simple things really do save lives. We were given a demonstration of what to do if a little child chokes on something as simple as food getting stuck on its way down.
Ask yourself the question, where do you keep your pills? One tablet can kill a small child. What if a child finds tiny berries to eat thinking they are sweets? Don’t make the child vomit, give them milk to drink, take them to A+E along with either the pills or a small branch of the tree. Alternatively ring 111 if the child seems OK and 999 if the child isn’t responding normally.
A major incident could occur if a child mistakes a small round lithium battery for perhaps a shiny sweet. Within 3 hours extensive chemical burns will occur in the child’s digestive system. This is an extreme emergency so call an ambulance immediately.
Instances like these and others involving burns and convulsions were also discussed.
The meeting then changed from dealing with small children to help for older people. A collapse, a stroke, a heart attack; what should the first to give aid do?
Members of Whitley then had the opportunity to try CPR on dummies with the help of Dr Darren and two very experienced paramedics. Whitley WI campaigned three years ago to get a defibrillator for Whitley Village Hall. All members should now know how to use it with confidence, and realise that Simple First Aid can save lives.

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