The May Walk Through Bluebell Woods.

With our leader Ann exploring distant Peru at the moment, Rita led us on a fabulous May walk around Grappenhall and Appleton. Setting off on a bright cool morning from The Rams Head, Grappenhall we headed for the Walled Garden. With the recent dry weather, the ground was good underfoot, as we made our way along the paths and fields bursting into life with young crops. Having lived in the area for over twenty years I thought I knew my way around, but amazingly Rita led us to places I had not seen before. Spring was defiantly in the air, the young green leaves and blossoms on the trees, the scent from the hedgerows and the thousands of bluebells, were a delight to take in.
We made our way past the Cricket Club, through Grappenhall Heys, up to the Walled Garden, heading for a ‘Pit Stop’ at Rita’s. We were welcomed by her husband and served tea or coffee and some very ‘naughty biscuits’ (most of us had two!).
Suitably refreshed, our walk traversed the Dingle’s undulating and tranquil ancient woodland. By now the air was warmer and the sun was shining as we made our way along the paths. The bluebells were in abundance here too.
Our journey continued through paths and fields via Cann Lane, making our way back to the Rams Head. With the sun shining down on us, we took advantage of this and had our lunch in the courtyard at the back of the pub.
Thank you Rita for taking us through such beautiful scenery on this lovely spring morning.
Susan B.

Jackie, Lorna, Susan, Pat, Chris, Pat, Lesley, Chris, Eleanor, Jenny, Annette and Anne…where is Rita?

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