A BLACKBERRY WALK….. September 2017

How does Ann O’B do it? Following a very wet and stormy night, Ann had booked good weather for Whitley WI’s Sept walk, and this proved to be the case.

Heading to the back of Frodsham we parked in the Beacon Hill car park. 8 well wrapped up ramblers set off. Wonderful views across the mersey estuary, as well as a discussion as to whether we liked or disliked the wind turbines, which were majestically generating electricity. We wandered through a few fields and paths along the edge of Frodsham Golf Course. Where were the golfers, are they not as hardy as Whitley WI? .

Narrow overgrown paths led us to a glutton of blackberries, which were duely picked, and the conversation changed to whether or not to make a pie? with or without apples?, or a crumble to avoid a “soggy bottom”.

All our efforts made us hungry, and the Ring ‘O Bells at Overton near Frodsham was our destination. Home cooked food and lots of chatter followed.

    Pat G and Rita amongst the blackberries

It was noted that last September this was also our lunch stop on what was proved to be the hottest day of the year…. What a difference a year makes!


The Lunch group: Rita, Joan, Jenny, Jean, Susan, Ann and Pat G

Thank You to Ann again for checking the walk and booking us in for lunch.

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