MEMBER’S NIGHT…. The October Meeting

Member’s Night is always a huge surprise. 10 members plot together to compile a really interesting meeting. Helen acted as president with Sue as her very able secretary. Annette ran the raffle and had produced some beautiful seasonal table decorations. Eleanor and her team (Joyce, Barbara and Mary) organised refreshments, with Ann and Jane running the Trading Table. Susan was a perfect Speaker’s Hostess.

This year was a hugely kept secret, so secret that even when the Speaker (Gordon Farr) started his talk there was no idea of where it might lead. Gordon introduced himself and talked about his career as a Primary School Teacher, eventually becoming the Head of Willaston Primary near Nantwich.

Managing the school budget had become difficult, with the school being short of funds, when a enterprising staff member came up with the idea of “Worm-Charming”. From this idea the first ever World Championship for Worm Charming was born. This year was the 37th year of this event run by IFCWAP (International Federation of Charming Worms and Allied Pastimes).

A new world champion was crowned this year. Sophie a year 5 pupil at Willaston Primary with the magnificent total of 567 worms, charmed out of a 3m X 3m plot in just 30 minutes.

After the competition all the charmed worms from 144 of these plots are returned at night, so they can wriggle back into their holes, before they can be eaten by any hungry roosting birds.



Whitley WI would not be the same with out you and all our other members.

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