The WI visits Roberts Bakery

As baking has long been synonymous with the WI, then going to visit our very own local bakery in Northwich was something that was well overdue; and we were not disappointed. What a treat it was not only to see how a sliced loaf was made, but also visit Little Treats where they make decorative novelty biscuits for many of the major supermarkets.

However before we were allowed to enter the bake house we had to don special shoes, a high vis. jacket, disposable white coat and hair net and then perform their three stage regime for getting our hands clean. They weren’t taking any chances with health and safety!! I did think of taking a photo of us all in our full regalia but decided I might not exactly be very popular.

After our tour we were given a very informative talk on the history of this family business which was founded in 1887 by Robert Roberts. He had trained as a baker and bought a grocery business in Castle, Northwich. As his business expanded he then moved to new premises in Lostock which just happened to have a small bakery attached. He decided to expand the bakery side of the business and in 1952 Frank Roberts bought the present site at Rudheath and from there he and his sons made the company into a multimillion pound business.

The company believes strongly in looking after their staff as well as their customers. 

We were shown an old poster of theirs with a lion and the caption ‘The Customer is King’.

On leaving we were presented with goody bags.

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