Here are the results of the resolutions shortlist selection process for the 2018 Annual Meeting.

2018 resolutions Selections
1 Positive body image in a digital age 5215
2 Stop FGM 27,640
3 Raising awareness of modern slavery in the UK 20,299
4 Mental health matters 42,327
5 Healthier Mouth, Healthier Body 5560
Total selections received 101,041

Mental health matters is ahead of the second placed resolution by over 14,000 selections.

This year’s total is the most selections cast since the individual selection process was introduced, and the first time over 100,000 selections have been cast by members.

The NFWI Board of Trustees has reviewed the results and agreed that one resolution (Mental Health Matters) will go forward to the Annual Meeting.

The wording of the resolution is as follows:

Mental health matters

Mental health matters as much as physical health. The NFWI urges all WI members to recognise the importance of parity between mental health and physical health, and take action to make it as acceptable to talk about mental health issues as much as physical health issues, and to lobby government for better support for mental illness.

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