Two of our members visited Warrington Museum

On Tuesday April 10th, Whitley WI members Joan Blackshaw and Susan Burtonwood visited the Warrington Museum display focusing on the Women’s Suffragette Movement.
There was a defaced 1903 penny on display — Women Suffragettes stamped the words ‘VOTES FOR WOMEN’ across the head of King Edward VII on one penny coins. Then when the coins were circulated they hoped to get more support from the public.
In 1910 a group of women in Warrington took part in an election. With dismay they discovered their election costs were £15; they made a collection of £5 towards the cost and one lady made a cookery book ( which was on display ) She sold copies and gave the total of £3 towards the election costs.
There is a new 50p coin this year recognising the bravery of the suffragette movement.

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