May walk – Marbury Country Park

Ten ladies set out for our May walk round Marbury Country Park.  It was a bright but chilly morning, one of those days when you wonder which clothes and shoes to wear.  Once we had donned or shed a layer or two and made our minds up about our footwear, we set off on our walk.

We made our way through the woods; the scenery was just magical, the sun was shining through the trees flickering through the young spring leaves .  There was a magnificent abundance of bluebells and wild garlic everywhere, we couldn’t have chosen a better time to for our walk.

As the morning warmed up, it wasn’t long before we all began to shed our outer layer and fasten them round our waist. We were delighted to see tiny ducklings bobbing about in the water, and even more amazed to see a small boat with red sails passing by; I think we all had our cameras out for that special shot!

Of course, we couldn’t end our morning without something to eat, so we all made our way to the Spinner and Bergamot for a light lunch and of course a ‘natter’.

Thanks to our leader Ann O’Brien, another memorable morning.


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