Arley bluebell walk report

On a sunny Sunday afternoon six ladies met at Arley Hall and Gardens, which is the home of Viscount and Viscountess of Ashbrook, to go on a guided estate and bluebell walk. The woods are only open to the public for the bluebells and later on in the year for the fungi walks.

We followed a track through the woods which was quite muddy in parts, and saw bluebells both blue and white nestling under the trees on either side. 

We wound our way through the woods and came upon expanses of water which was a spectacular sight with the sunlight streaming across.

After seeing many a blue bell we came to a lake that was made into three different sections, all of a sudden there was such a noise and a swan came half flying half skimming across the water.  We realised that it was protecting a nest which was on the other side.  The guide quickly moved us away back up the track so that we did not disturb it anymore.  As we walked further round the lake we could see in the distance the swan on the nest.

Going through Arley Green we were shown the posting box with the VR on denoting Victoria’s Reign.

We finished our one hour and forty five minute walk going through a rhododendron garden with an array of colour.  We passed the private St Mary’s Chapel which was built in 1845 the architect was Anthony Salvin.  It is regarded as one of his most important ecclesiastical buildings.

We all decided to end the walk with a well-deserved ice cream so we made post haste to the Gardener’s Kitchen and whilst enjoying our purchase all agreed what a super walk it had been.

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