June Walk at Hatchmere

We met at the Carrier’s Inn car park near Hatchmere (shown as 1 on the map) below.

We started walking through Hatchmere Park and the forest. Crossing Ashton Road (2) we continued down through the forest to skirt Blakemere Moss (3 to 4). Turning a sharp left across Blakemere Lane (4) we went back into the forest up a very overgrown path. As we were walking I thought I heard a man talking in a nearby field. Nope. It was actually my phone which was playing a video about football in my pocket. Obviously I’d accidentally clicked on something.

Emerging from the forest at Harthill Hatch (No 5 on the map) we had to walk through a field full of cows which thankfully got out of our way as we walked towards them.

We continued along the route past Flaxmere on a lovely leafy path and returned to our starting point at the Inn some two hours after we left. Just in time for lunch.

The food was as good as the company.

Many thanks to Ann O’Brien for organising the event.



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