Culture Club get to many interesting places.

Saturday was an “away-day” on the Virgin Pendolino to London, for a “behind the scenes” tour of The Royal Albert Hall.

So much atmosphere in this Historical Building, especially as The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra were rehearsing their planned Afternoon Performance of “Gladiator”

The knowledgeable Tour Guide, led members around some of the various tiers, pointing out many pictures of famous people and events which had played or taken part there. They sat in a box, but were only allowed to peep into the Royal Box.

They were allowed to view the Royal Staircase, and sit on chairs which had come from Buckingham Palace.
Queen Victoria had spent much of the money allocated to build The Hall on a Memorial to her late Husband Albert, which stands outside the building. The public (rich ones) raised the funds for The Hall by buying seats for £100 each. These are now worth a small fortune.

Following the tour, the group separated, to enjoy various activities.


A couple spent the afternoon with family members who live in London, two ladies went to the Afternoon Performance of “Gladiator”, the rest decided to head for The Shard and enjoyed a glass of champagne, as well as the wonderful views across London… Well it was one member’s birthday!


A walk around Borough Market ended the visit, as time had passed quickly and the train was waiting to take them all home.

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