WI’s gardening group, along with a few Dutton WI friends visited the Garden of Viscount and Viscountess Ashbrook at their home, The charming Old Parsonage Arley Green.



The Viscountess met members at her door and took them for a long and interesting walk through her beautiful and mature garden.

She proudly showed us her sundial which was given to her in celebration for 30 years of opening her garden as part of the Cheshire section of the National garden Scheme (the most significant charitable funder of nursing charities in the country.)

Members fell in love with a very unusual iris, Dierama (Angel’s fishing rods) which seemed to grow out of the cracks in her patio …



                                 where can they buy one?



Further unexpected plants included a bush anemone (Carpenteria California), and a pinkish red smoke bush.







A large and shady, looking like a bean tree, added lots of  curiosity.

Pterocarya Fraxinifolia (Caucasisian Wing Nut) a member of the walnut family…The “beans” are really Catkins! These turn into nuts…lots for wildlife to eat.


The garden had a picturesque wild-life-friendly pond, and was that a Heron they could see?  It was… purchased many years ago from Altrincham Market, made by Africans from old pieces of car…recycling at its best.

So another successful visit… It is amazing where Whitley WI get to and how much they learn as well as enjoying good company and friendship.
Thank You again to Viscountess Ashbrook

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