Was that a chill we could feel in the air? No just wishful thinking as 8 of Whitley WI’s walking group met for their July walk.

It was a beautiful day for a visit to the magnificent expanses of Tatton Park; one to enjoy and remember.
Entering the park, a shady walk was appreciated, through tall trees and paths lined with rhododendron bushes.

The walk continued along the side of Tatton Mere where the summer drought had bleached the vast undulating surrounds of the Mere, to a rich golden colour.


Today there were definitely no “boggy” bits to avoid. Lots of dragonflies and butterflies were all around and the Canada Geese were happy to play and enjoy the water. A dip would have cooled us down, but the no swimming signs were obviously there for a reason.


It was hot and eventually we arrived at the Courtyard of Tatton Hall, where a sit down and some Cheshire Dairy Farm ice-cream cooled us and enhanced the picnic we had brought.

The long walk back started, which we knew (or thought we knew) would be through a path lined with Beech Trees to keep the sun off us as the temperature kept rising. It wasn’t our lucky day as the path had been fenced off to allow the young deer herd to enjoy.

We are a hardy lot, and with a couple of water stops in some shade we happily got to the gates of the park.
A walk through old Knutsford with a stop to look at some wild teasles with pollinating bees, led us back to our parked cars.




Thank You to Ann O’B for a lovely day out. Your leadership which is very much appreciated.

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