Fun and chatter…was it the proscecco?


A View which can be savoured every day of the year

Summer in Whitley…usually with mixed weather is a good time to see the best of a country garden.

As all know this summer has been exceptionally hot and dry, hose pipe ban still to come.

Whitley WI had planned a ‘garden party’ or a ‘party in a garden’, give it the title you choose. Early in the year Jean P had happily offered us her garden for this very sociable event, and what a wonderful evening it proved to be.

Nearly all the garden group arrived, clutching buffet food of an excellent standard… Yes it was an evening where we could enjoy each other’s company, share good food and chatter but most of all look at Jean’s garden and what I can only describe as a “Visa” not just a view of the distant Cheshire countryside with the Welsh Hills just hiding on this unusually non-sunny summer evening…..at least we didn’t sizzle which had started to become the norm.
Jean apologised that the garden was dry…no apology needed as her garden looked like an oasis in the desert that Britain had become.
Jeans husband Fred, told us how he had made the garden from scratch on his potato field. The pond with some very big Koi-Boys was formed what remained of a large pit. … It contained so many healthy fish that you could watch them all day.

highly scented jasmin…delightful

phlox of a vibrant colour

A new “baby” for the garden..It will thrive and flourish. xx

A welcome of a scented Jasmin was special, as were the huge clumps of coloured perennials. Happy members enjoyed each other’s company, or did the prosecco help out?
A thank you gift of a Hydrangea Paniculata Bobo was given to Jean and Fred as a thank you for their wonderful welcoming hospitality… we all hope it grows, but knowing the green fingers of our hosts, it will thrive and flourish.

Thank you Jean and Fred for letting Whitley WI enjoy your garden on a very special summers evening

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