Intrepid as always!


Marshall’s Arm was designated in 1998 as a Nature Reserve located in Hartford near Northwich. The area got its name from the Marshall Family who have lived in Hartford since the 1700’s. The “Arm” refers to the old course of the River Weaver, which was “cut-off” when the river was straightened and locks built, to allow large vessels along the Weaver when the area’s salt industry was at its height.




A friendly heron

A walk on the “wild side”

This was the location for the September walk of Whitley WI, which 12 of our members thoroughly enjoyed in surprisingly good weather.

Leaving the main road, a path took us through woodland, rich in vegetation, up and down steps and paths, eventually reaching the river with its rich wildlife and plants that had made up for the summer’s drought with fresh and lush new flowers and new growth.

Part of Vale Royal Locks

The Historic Locks were crossed and admired, although we questioned how the huge growth of pond weed might be removed, as it could rot and cause extensive river pollution.

A time for “reflection”

There was time to stop and reflect on how lucky we are to have such beautiful places on our doorstep. Engineers in past times really made structures to last.

Beautiful Hartford Hall

Arriving at Hartford Hall for lunch, the staff were very welcoming. Hartford Hall is a gorgeous country hotel, set in a haunted 17th century nunnery, which is the oldest civic wedding venue in Cheshire.

Birthday Girl

We enjoyed our lunch and then “surprise surprise” a birthday cake for Ann’s Special Birthday appeared. We all sang “happy birthday” and ate far too much cake!

Thank You Ann… you have put so much energy into Whitley WI during the last 10 years. All your walking group send love and Best Wishes.

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