Joanna Lumley visits Culture Club

I knew this head-line would get you to read further. Sorry… It should read “Culture Club visit Joanna Lumley” in her one person show… “All About Me”, on a Sunday Evening in October.

Thanks go to Chris our organiser who planned the visit months ago, so allowing 12 members of Whitley WI to have great seats in a 1700+ full house at the Lowry Theatre, Salford. This was just one venue in Joanna’s extensive 30 day tour.





Joanna is a Kashmir (Indian) born, English Actress, comedian, former model, author and activist. One of her most famous roles was playing the loopy Patsy Stone in the BBC Sitcom “Absolutely Fabulous”. This was equalled by her fascinating travels along the 7000 mile Silk Road.

Joanna talked us through many hilarious adventures, from her incredible career which has lasted more than four decades. She also answered questions written by the audience before the show started.


What huge knowledge this lady has, remembering her experiences, with such joy and passion… she happily told us that she was now 72 years of age… but her energy and outlook on life denies these years.


It genuinely was a privilege to be a member of this audience, and the whole show was totally “Absolutely Fabulous”.

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