Whitley WIs Trip To Benidorm

How would you like to go to Benidorm on Saturday?

It seemed a long way to go for the afternoon, but then it was made clear that it was the stage show “Benidorm Live” at the Empire Theatre Liverpool. The answer was definitely yes, so members of Whitley WI’s Culture Club headed off on the train to this city by the sea, which was bathed in warm November sunshine, with clear blue skies… Maybe we were in Benidorm after all !
As members of this WI, we don’t just do one thing. The Liverpool Christmas market was open, so a wander round here with its cosmopolitan collection of stalls was an interesting start to the day.
Our ladies like to lunch, so why not at The Liner Hotel?

This city historically was the sailing port for huge ocean liners. Lunch and the interior design with aquariums didn’t disappoint, in fact we can recommend this venue to all.


Then for the Main Event, the Benidorm Live stage show. This featured many of its familiar television personalities.


The story line was simple and light hearted, but brilliant character acting, with use of words and jokes, that you wouldn’t tell to your grandchildren, had the whole audience in laughter for the entire show.

We left the theatre with a really feel-good and in a happy-to-have-been-there spirit.

What’s more, the train back to Warrington was on time with seats for all.



Yes Culture Club (organised by Chris and Sally) adds a lot to Whitley WI. Thank you

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