DECEMBER WALK…. Great Budworth and Around

Beautiful Great Budworth in the winter sunshine

A bit of morning drizzle mist, didn’t deter the dozen members of Whitley WI who eagerly met for the December Walk or was it the chance to choose our lunch at The George And Dragon in the beautiful village of Great Budworth before we set off?

Our group tramped and trudged through winter fields, squelched our way through gate ways, and climbed over monster styles.

High up enjoying the views… we can just see Budworth Church

The views were stunning and happy chatter accompanied the great feeling of being outside in the fresh air. The route was changed several times when areas got boggy, and alternative ways were found. Ann’s map helped with this, as did Rita’s extensive knowledge of the area.

This road really was closed!

Whitley WI walkers are never beaten…. that’s what we always thought! So seeing a sign saying “Road Closed”, we paid no attention… however this road really was closed. It had been undermined by the local badgers, and construction workers were digging a hole to make a permanent badger tunnel…. so we headed back, and finding a gate to climb over (not very elegantly) we all made it safely back to the car park and lunch at the George and Dragon.

The long walk back


The end of a splendid year of walks, and all thanks to Ann for her untiring committment to research walks, making  sure we enjoy a huge variety of different Cheshire areas.

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