Whitley WI…. play it safe!

Safety Central is Cheshire’s Fire and Rescue Services interactive life-skills education
centre based at Lymm near Warrington. Whitley WI were lucky to be the second group of visitors to the newly launched Adult Learning Program.

Smiles All Round

Locked up in the Cells

The bright and colourful welcome area, with complimentary tea and coffee was equalled by the warmth of the staff and volunteers, many of whom were shadowing others learning skills to be used with future groups.
The tour started in a 270o cinema room…where a fairly graphic film of poor safety was shown.
Safer Choices… involved a series of scenarios encouraging people to think about the impact of their decisions including a police custody suite and cell, courtroom, convenience store and a space for learning about online safety. How should you use a cash machine?
Safe as Houses … led the group into a full-sized three-bedroom family home, shed and garden all rigged to not only demonstrate the most common causes of accidents, but also technologies to help prevent injury and promote independence.

Outdoor Safety

Take care on the farm

Streetsafe … Outside we witnessed a dramatic urban environment complete with a road, bridge, toucan crossing, cycle path, and railway station.
Ruralrisk .. recreated Cheshire’s great outdoors showing hidden dangers on farms and rural roads.

The whole afternoon was very informative, with all members having food for thought about their way of life and those of others.
So much to see and do. Late New Year Resolutions were made including :

WARNING… dont charge things on your bed!

care with charging up electrical gadgets (never on a bed or settee) , get the chimney sweep in, don’t use block shaped electrical adaptors, never leave the oven or tumbler dryer on when you go out,

but most importantly, don’t tell all your “Facebook Friends” you are on holiday… The local burglar might find out!

Sincere Thanks to the Safety Central Staff and Volunteers, who gave us their time and expertise… We will take heed!

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