Springtime in Whitley is always very special. A couple of WI Ladies were delighted to accept an invitation from Whitley Pre-School Children to join them on a morning walk.
Leaving the Village Hall, the children were encouraged to spot signs of spring. They were very observant and seeing spring through the eyes of a child was quite special.
Daffodils were at their best, and blossom adored the trees.

Walking down the lane to the duck pond, lots of birds were heard. The little ones happily chattered to the WI Ladies, making one realise how much 3 year olds know about nature and the people who live in the houses they passed.
So where were to ducks? There were no ducks at all on Village Pond, maybe they were busy making nests somewhere. However, one of the children spotted ducks on one of the fishing ponds.
Road signs and markings was the topic of conversation on our return journey, and the learning didn’t stop there. Sign Language was used by the children when fruit and biscuits were served on arrival back at the Village Hall.
The WI visitors were thanked with a small gift. All enjoyed the outing (or was it because the children were allowed as chocolate biscuit because they had visitors?).

Thank you to Vicki and team for inviting the WI to meet the Pre-school children.

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