THE TIME IS RIGHT ….. Pat and Susan head to Westminster to lobby MP’s.

The time is now to fight for our climate, nature and people. We are the first generation to know we are destroying the world, and the last that can do anything about it.
With this in mind Pat and Susan headed to Westminster to join a mass lobbying of MPs, to help them understand and urgently act now to restore nature and stop climate disaster.

(Note Susan’s Placard)

Many environmental groups were represented, from Green Peace, The Friends of the Earth, The Cheshire Wildlife trust, The Butterfly Society, as well as The WI.

On arrival we headed to the Victoria Tower Gardens and joined the North West Contingents to wait for our various MPs.

Ester Mc Vey our Tatton MP had answered our request to meet. She happily appeared and listened to all we had to say: Discussion ranged from the WI resolution to improve local buses, what is happening to HS2 in Cheshire, to talk topics at the forthcoming G20 summit.
The whole world needs to get involved, not just Whitley WI!
She answered with interest, but in the noncommittal way that only MP’s can….. Note Susan’s Placard now.
It was a peaceful protest, following which we reduced our global warming and carbon footprint, by eating ice-cream, watching the changing of the Guard at Horse Guard’s Parade, and viewing Constable and Gainsborough Paintings in the National Gallery.

meeting the “locals”

Back then on the Virgin Pendolino to Bank Quay Station… It was good to be back to the familiar welcoming smell coming from the adjacent chemical factory!

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