Heading north up the M6 eventually brings you to Cumbria and the comforting feel of the rolling fells.
The Whitley Garden Interest group were priviledged to visit a hidden gem of a garden. Holehird Gardens, close to Windermere, and managed entirely by volunteers is the home of The Lakeland Horticultural Society.

The views from the garden were stunning, Lake Windermere and a few tourist boats could be seen, but today’s purpose was to view the rare National Collections of Astilbes, Ferns (Daboecia), Meconopsis (blue poppies), Polystichum (heaths) and the magnificent Lakeland Collection of Hydrangea.

All of these were mixed with carefully tended fell borders, Alpine houses, Rock gardens, A natural water fall/cascade and linked via a woodland walk.

We wandered round all these paths constantly stopping to ask “what is that?” So many unseen species, which were helpfully labeled.

So a day to remember by the three members who made it! With special thanks to our driver, who not only found the garden, negotiated the motorway congestion of Greater Manchester, but who also got us to Lakeland for shopping and a great lunch.

This garden is very very highly recommended to all who head out to the Lakes… If you don’t go it really is your loss.

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