A Walk on the Wild Side

The Boyd walk around Antrobus is part of a historical byway system, which was mapped out by Major A W Boyd, a local old style naturalist, who opened this route up for all to enjoy.

Whitley WI walking group’s September walk took them along this unique, scenic, slightly over grown route. There were several very squelchy parts, but we had been forewarned so came appropriately dressed.

The beautiful Cheshire Countryside never disappoints.

Our main high-light was being met by some interested Antrobus residents, all sporting intriguing fluffy haircuts, some with pom-pom tails.

Happily the natives were friendly.

These beautiful Alpacas were so welcoming, didn’t run away and escorted us through their field.

We could have taken them home or at least on the rest of the walk.

This walk was full of animals, a couple of toads scarpered away, sheep were abundant, and the resident emus also came to greet us.

(Or did they regard humans as a source of food?)

So continuing the route and passing the Quaker Meeting House in Frandley, many of us headed to the Antrobus Arms for a much needed lunch and continued friendly chatter… We were definitely the loudest group in the pub!

Thanks go to Ann for using her newly acquired phone-map-ap, and giving her time doing the initial reconnaissance… Time is valuable.

ps…I can’t believe we used Zero Calories!

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