Mind Blowing was the only way to describe the talk on quilted patchwork by Pat Rugg from Norley WI to Whitley WI craft group.
Pat has won First Prizes at The Royal Cheshire Show many times….and looking at her skilful patchwork it was obvious to see the reason. She expressed her disappointment at ‘only’ achieving 19 ½ out of 20 this year…. Why? One loose thread! That’s how precise a winning entry has to be.
Pat showed us many pieces of her work, ranging from the offending loose thread, to quilted bags, cushions, wall hangings.

This week’s work was a quilt to welcome a new family baby.
The high light was a quilt made especially for her granddaughter who was having a stressful time studying for her University Finals…. A quilt looking like a bookcase, with books and pictures featuring her whole life….brilliant and beautiful.
So thanks to Pat, members of craft group felt inspired but also daunted…where do we start? New terms were learnt… Whatever is “a Fat Quarter”,“Stack and Whack”, “Log Cabin”, and “Disappearing Nine”?
So equipped with our newly learnt knowledge, let’s see what talent is revealed by our group over the winter.

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