WHITLEY WI DIG DEEP… A Centenary Tree for CFWI is Planted

Plant a tree in ’73…..plant one more in ’74!
Yes we have heard this all before, but still more need to be planted.
It’s Cheshire Federation of Women’s Institutes 100th Birthday in 2020.
Jean Harding (the Federation Chairman) Challenged all Cheshire WIs to plant a tree to Celebrate this Milestone.
As usual Whitley WI rose to the Challenge…What to plant, when to plant, where to plant were all essential questions and let’s face it that tree could still be around in the next 100 years.
With the help of our caring and hard-working Parish Council, a site was chosen within The Whitley Nature Reserve on Raddle Lane, where it could also be viewed from the road.
Taking expert advice a bare rooted native British Tree (grown in Cheshire) called Sorbus Joseph’s Rock was chosen. It will be a tree for all seasons, with creamy white flowers in the spring, to attract wild life especially bees, feathery green foliage in the summer, autumn colours of copper, purple, red, and orange and bright golden berries for birds to eat in winter.

The best time to plant a tree is when it is dormant in the late autumn, so on Saturday Morning 9th November four of our members made it to the plot… more members would have been welcome, but it was just about freezing with heavy drizzle. The hole had been difficult to dig as the previous use for the site had been the local tip, plastic bottles, tarmac and even a pair of trousers were removed…but hey-ho a suitable hole was dug.Planting the tree was the task of President Chris, (she is now an expert) with help from the others.
Passers-by stopped to see with interest what was happening… They could have offered help!

Finally a feeling of satisfaction, a job well done, time for a “selfie” and a treat for all to share into 2020 and way beyond.

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