Marshall’s Arm is a loop in the old River Weaver, which meandered towards Northwich until the early 1700’s, when the growing salt trade demanded a canalised waterway to provide faster and cheaper transport.

Since 1998, this hidden gem has been a nature reserve and part of the Mersey Forest.
The Rain had abated and lucky Whitley WI headed out in that direction for their November walk.

We were greeted at the entrance, by a gateway adorned with a cascade of poppies, a tribute left to commemorate Armistice Day. What a colourful sight in the watery warmth of the morning’s sun.

Autumn leaves escorted us throughout our walk in this Woodland full of wildlife and a wide variation of trees. We took care, the paths up and down were slippery, but happily nobody had any disasters.

A unique spherical sculpture stopped us in our tracks… This ball cast from Cheshire red stone had been inspired by the wildlife living in Marshall’s Arm.

Leaving the woods, and along the river bank, puddles galore made one realise how lucky Whitley had been to escape the terrible floods which had happened in various parts of the country.

Arriving at Vale Royal locks, the torrent of water reminded us of how fierce the flow of moving water can be… you could feel the force, even standing well away.

Time flies when you are having fun, but still to come was a great lunch and further chatter was enjoyed at the Hartford Hall Hotel.

Thanks go to Ann O’B…we couldn’t do this without you.

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