WELCOME to 2020, A New Year Walk

“January brings the snow….makes our feet and fingers glow.”
Oh no it doesnt!….Well not today thankfully.

Marbury Park and the surrounding area was the place to be, for twelve of Whitley WI’s hardy walkers. The ground was muddy, so maybe by the end we could laugh about being “The Dirty Dozen”.

Expertly led by Betty, whose local knowledge was essential to lead us through woods, past ponds, over bridges, along the canal, up and down steep steps, across parkland, overlooking industrial chemical plants, as well as viewing wildlife through two bird hides.

Local Cheshire has so many hidden gems to offer.

Betty knew where we were, it was a good job because, being Whitley WI we were too busy chattering and enjoying all that this winter walk had to offer to actually know where we were.

Back at the car park, we compared notes,….these were the pedometers on our mobile phones (Whitley members like their technology)… Around 13,000 steps at a distance of 5.5 miles seemed to be the concerted agreement.

So warm and happy, twelve (not too dirty) members returned home, for a well earned lunch, a sit down and a mug of refreshing hot tea. (Well I did!)

Thank You Betty, a really enjoyable walk.

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