The month of February is the border between winter and spring.
This proved so on Whitley WI’s February walk  along the Whitegate Way, from Whitegate Station to the Catsclough crossing. A flat walk lasting about an hour each way.

This route follows a former railway line which closed in 1996. Salt had been transported along this track from the nearby banks of the River Weaver and taken to Manchester and the surrounding areas.

It was a chilly, and very windy morning with sunny blue skies as our ladies set off. We were in the tale-end of Storm Ceira which had cause record winds in the previous days and nights and were mindful of the dangers when we came across a fallen tree. This did not deter us admiring the spectacular views across the fields. Spring flowers were coming into bloom and open embankments offered spectacular views across the fields.

Not only did we find the fallen tree and flowers but also a male walker who jumped in on our photo shoot!

Retracing our steps the route back had the wind against us as well as being bombarded with hailstones. A rapid retreat was made for the warmth and delicious lunch at the Plough Inn.

Hardy Memories and Happy Members. Thanks Ann from all your fellow walkers.

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