Whitley WI Summer Picnic – August Meeting

Not exactly the picnic we had planned. We were going to be on the field outside Whitley Village Hall, but due to the wet weather we reverted to back-up plan B which was to have this event in the hall. So with masks on, thirty of us sitting six to a table, got to see and talk to each other as a WI for the first time since our March meeting. Following the WI COVID-19 guidelines, the tables and chairs were sanitised before and after our gathering and no singing of Jerusalem took place.

Our chairman Chris welcomed us back and we discussed ways in which our WI would be able to function in the months ahead. We are already meeting in small groups for walks and have the book club and gardening group. Other possible groups could be for such activities as craft and painting.

This meeting might have seemed a little strange but it was good to be back.

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