A DECEMBER WALK ‘Who could get the muddiest?’

When Boris tells us we can go out for a socially distanced walk, in groups no larger than 6, Whitley WI walking group decided to enjoy such a walk, even though it was December and the weather a bit murky… The news had also said that humans need Vitamin D which is made in our bodies by sunlight, meaning time outside in winter.
The decision challenge of when to go, where to walk (with no thick mud), and where to park had been made in the previous week when lots of us met under the cover of Zoom.

Up for the challenge, one of our group had connections at Grappenhall Cricket Club, which offered safe and off the road parking. Meeting up on a dry Wednesday morning, following a day of exceptionally high rainfall, was appreciated… so off we set, up to and around Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden, along the wide footpaths of Witherwin Avenue, through Cobbs Estate and then along Stockton Lane to get back. Walking along this lane was not without incident… A huge flood (from the previous day’s rain) blocked the way… Taking everything in our stride, scrambling through a hedge, all got back to the Cricket Club, for a well-deserved socially distanced coffee.

It was great to chatter with friends, so much news to discus and plans for the future.
2021 should bring more settled times where we can mix, socialise and enjoy future adventures.
Special Thanks for the year must go to Ann our leader … she’s kept us going with our spirits high when this was most needed. THANK YOU

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