Christmas deliveries came early to Whitley WI members…Santa Chris and her Elves had been beavering away in their workshops for many weeks, putting together goody bags of lovingly made home-crafted items.
All were gift-wrapped and delivered in the days before the WI’s Christmas Zoom party.
On the wettest day of the year, Santa and the Elves had to dodge puddles and pot holes, mud… glorious mud, and Sat Navs who thought they knew better than their drivers….deliveries were successful, and the cold and soggy Elves headed back to their homes for dry trousers, and much deserved cups of tea or other beverage.

The Chair-Man proved to be elusive, eventually getting tracked down, and happy to receive Christmas Cheer Beer and a Chocolate-Orange-Special Cake.
Let’s hope we can use his services in the not too distant future.

Party Day dawned, and 40 members rushed to congregate around their lap-tops for the first Zoom Christmas party in our WI’s history….. It was fun but not an experience we would like to repeat in the distant future… finger crossed!
Members got into the spirit, by wearing Christmas Jumpers and Tops, various Santa Hats and Reindeer Horns, and having their own festive fare ( wine and nibbles);to consume at leisure.

Party jokes were fun. Truth or Lie’ flummoxed members…..they must have been good lies to make members think they were truths.
Origami Christmas tree making is a skill that definitely needs practice, and Kim’s Game really tested our lock-down brains.
The final singing of Carols and Auld Lang Syne caused us all to be justly muted. What an abominable chorus….but not unexpected as all our broadband works at different speeds.
So the evening came to a close, members dispersed into mixed chat rooms, to enjoy a last conversation with friends and wish all a very Happy Christmas.

Thank you to all….It was a special event.

Knock Knock. Who’s there? Mary, Mary Who?
Merry Christmas to you!’


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