Whitley WI Monthly meeting – 7th January 2021

Whitley WI hit the ground running with our first monthly meeting of 2021 on Thursday 7th January.

Not to be stopped by Covid, we are now using Zoom rather than meeting at our village hall.

Chris and Melanie informed us of the many and varied events available to our members in the next few months; please see our calendar for details (http://www.whitleywi.org.uk/index.php/events/ ).

We then had a fascinating talk by Jen Quayle titled “Tales from Mongolia”. Jen spends at least one day a week at Knowsley Safari Park and through her work there was given the opportunity to go to Mongolia to help with the wild camel breeding programme in the Gobi desert.

Just getting to the Gobi desert was an adventure in itself; from Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, it took a two day drive to reach the Great Gobi A area. Wild camels are the 8th most endangered species and most of us had not even heard of this third type of camel before. They are only to be found in China and Mongolia and number about 1,000 in total.

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