Several keen members of Whitley WI’s walking group met in Whitley Village Hall car park for the April Walk.

The weather was sunny with quite a wind chill but all were suitably clad and raring to go.
The walkers were extremely pleased to come together instead of zoom.

Setting off they turned right from the car park passing the school, then right again along Back Lane, winding their way through the leafy countryside. Happily the group scared off the aggressive buzzard.
One of the members enlightened the group with stories of bygone days, pointing out houses and landmarks. A beautiful sight were the clumps of white wood anemones and yellow celandines lining the edges of the road.
Eventually the road ran out and the group entered a field where they followed the path along the edge, eventually turning left down Old Mill Lane and winding their way back towards Whitley.

Turning left down Norman’s Lane they came across a rather large tree with a big hole at the bottom of the trunk it was suggested it could be the habitat of a fox. They turned left again into Bentley Farm Lane passing donkeys in a field who did not seem too impressed about being peered at over the gate.

They also came across expanses of marsh marigolds near the little brook that runs alongside the road. This was a lovely walk (more of a stroll than a hike) with the opportunity to catch up with friends.

Thank you to Ann for getting everyone out and about again. All are so looking forward to the next time.

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