In the Middle Ages, bluebells were thought to be a cure for Leprosy and Spider Bites. They were also thought to stop nightmares if bunches were hung above people’s beds.
This wasnt the plan for Whitley WI’s walking group which under the leadership of Sheila, and hoping for good weather set off to enjoy a walk of about 5 miles. Their second bluebell walk, this time in May.
Walking under the railway bridge in Dutton, up Long Alley, then across the field to Bird’s Wood at Aston they saw stunning carpets of bluebells. Annette educated them with the names of various types of fungi that were spotted. After viewing the lake, they walked along the private road to a field leading to the river Weaver. Proceeding to Dutton Locks, the group had a well-earned rest at the picnic benches, finally returning over Dutton Horse Bridge to Dutton Lodge Farm.
A couple of members had to leave early leaving the rest of the group to enjoy a welcome drink that was kindly provided by Sheila. A picnic lunch which all had brought with them was eaten on the patio, where they could bask in the warming sun instead of the rain which had been expected.
All in all a very nice morning which stretched into the afternoon with good company and exercise rolled in.
So no nightmares for Whitley members, instead sweet dreams of a good day out.
Special thanks go to Sheila for leading the walk and for her excellent hospitality.

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