Meeting at the Delamere Forest Visitors Centre, Whitley WI walking group members came to enjoy a walk on the Linmere Trail.
What a difference since the last time they visited the Forest. A redevelopment of the brand-new visitor Centre and facilities for the 750,000 visitors that come every year. A £9 million project commissioned by Forestry England. New car park for 500 cars, bike hire, cafe and toilets. All were extremely impressed. Car parking is £8 for the day or slightly cheaper for less time. Delamere is the biggest wooded area in Cheshire.
The Linmere trail which did not disappoint, particularly good paths, among the trees which includes a mixture of deciduous and evergreen. Chestnuts were in their green spiky overcoats on the ground along the well signposted trail. All waiting for the squirrels to collect and store for their winter food.
They passed various walkers with dogs and young children but still enjoyed the peace of quiet of the forest spying small ponds/pools of water among the trees. Squirrels scampering among the foliage and climbing the tree trunks. On Their way back to the car park they passed an excited group of small children each clutching a bag in their hands, looking as if they were going to have lunch in the forest. Hope the three bears did not steal their picnic.!
After the walk a delicious lunch at the Station Café was enjoyed.
It was a good day for a walk and a chat, and the weather was kind.

THANK YOU ANN…..Where are we going next?

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