October meeting – Saving the Planet

Cllr Matt Bryan from Chester West and Chester Council was going to talk to us about how CWAC propose to address the climate emergency on a local scale. However due to illness he was unable to attend.

Instead Joan with the aid of her daughter Susan, stepped in to talk to us about how we as individuals can help lessen the effects of climate change.  

She navigated us through the confusion of the different sets of recycling symbols and informed us of how we can now recycle soft plastic, which is not at the moment collected by our council.  Apparently our local Co-op will now take soft plastic such as bread wrappers and many other supermarkets have a recycling container for soft plastic such as carrier bags.

She also brought in a selection of cleaning products that have less harmful effects on our planet such shampoo bars and natural cleaning products to use in our washing machines. Both products not being sold in plastic bottles.

Well done Joan. We went away with this extra knowledge to enable us to make more small changes to help save our planet.

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