Whitley Women’s Institute Remembrance Day

Our Sorbus tree, planted in November 2019 at the entrance to Whitley Nature Reserve, to celebrate the centenary of the Cheshire Federation of Women’s Institute, has been decorated on numerous occasions.

This year, the centenary of the Royal British Legion, the craft group decided that it would be a special time to try and involve not only the group but the whole WI in doing something for Remembrance Sunday.

Way back in July it was suggested that we knit 500 poppies, attach them to netting, drape and fasten to the tree. Yes, it was a big ask, but a simple pattern, without leaves and with an old black shiny button for its centre was
the easiest way to get everyone involved whether experienced in knitting or not.

We had 500 poppies ready the second week of October, and so laying all the poppies out on a table upside down we were able to safety pin every single poppy into place. It wasn’t until we had pinned them all on that we could appreciate the full effect, with the sunshine through the window lighting up the poppies and causing the golden safety pins to glisten in the light – simply wonderful.

We are delighted that so many members joined in the work and wished to show support for the service and sacrifice of our Armed Forces, veterans and their families.

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