Christmas Celebration Meeting

It was lovely to see so many happy smiling WI members at our Christmas Celebration meeting.

Taking Covid precautions into consideration, we all sat at Christmas decorated tables of eight. Awaiting each of us was a WI Pen, a Christmas card designed and painted by Joan and a free raffle ticket.

As we chatted we were served Dorothy’s home made mince pies and a glass of mulled wine. During the evening we played Christmas Bingo and Melanie showed us how to make an origami star out of a gold coloured paper napkin. With much laughter, most of us somehow managed to complete the task.

At the end of the evening we did “Elbow Auld Lang Syne” to sound of the classic song.

Not quite our normal WI Christmas party but most would agree a great improvement on last year’s zoom party. It was great to be back together at the village hall.

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