‘MOORE’ Walks for Whitley WI

After cancelling the previous two walking days it was great to meet up for our February walk. Eight walkers met at The Moore Nature Reserve, which since 1991 has been managed as a nature reserve, having been previously used for agricultural and quarrying purposes. It has extensive wooded, meadow and wetland areas and ideal for bird watching.
Starting from the corner of the car park we continued across the field through a gate onto a path through the trees to steps which had to be negotiated with care after the rain we had had over the last few days. At the bottom we turned right through a gate making our way along the path with Birchwood Pool on the right which can be seen through the trees, further along Birch Stop Hide comes into sight which looks over the Pool. We meandered along the path with Birch Wood on the left, soon after we see a sign on the left for Pump House Hide but we keep walking to the right and after a slight incline we came out of the wooded area onto a Lane which after the recent rain was rather wet and muddy. We continued forward on the same route passing a lagoon on the left until we came to a signpost on the left to Colins Hide. We walked along the footpath until we came to a track turning left, we eventually came to the Hide which overlooked the Pump House Pool. Walking forward again we came across large trees on either side which made you feel like Christmas, how wonderful they would look with snow on them. We eventually came to a junction turning right along the lane to retrace our steps back to the signpost that takes you back into the wooded area along the path to the steps, then back to the cars. Most of us then went to the Stag for a light lunch after having a really enjoyable time walking and chatting.

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