March Book Club – Cider with Rosie

Cider with Rosie

Our Book Club had a very lively discussion about this book. We had decided to read one of the ‘classics’, with a completely different style of writing than our usual choices.

All enjoyed the picture that Laurie Lee painted of childhood in a remote Cotswold village before electricity or cars, a timeless place on the verge of change.

Few of us would have read this book had it not been for ‘book club’, most of us found it difficult to get into, but most enjoyed the contrast between the world of the 1920s and our current times. As one member commented ‘there were lots and lots of adjectives’, and our pace of reading had to slow down to appreciate this style of writing. One of our members brought along copies of correspondence her mother and aunt had as close friends of Laurie Lee

We also discussed some of the books that our members have been reading over the past month, which adds interest and gives suggestions for further reading .

Next month a complete change of genre – we will be reading ‘The Drowned Village’ by Kathleen McGure

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